A full range of web services

What I can provide


Design und Strukturierung

Helen Heinel-Szesch A clear, appropriate design acurately representing your corporate identity, a well thought out, intelligible structure and concise user guidance are highest priorities. Websites are tested to ensure compatability with all browsers.

Konzept und Entwicklung

Helen Heinel-Szesch Knowledge about your objectives and your target groups helps to provide the ideal concept for you in keeping with your corporate identity, and to conceive an accurate, target orientated and successful representation.

Text und Inhalt

Helen Heinel-Szesch If required all necessary texts both in English and German can be formulated for you. I also offer unerring and topically allegiant German to English translations along with proof-reading of written texts.
Sites can also be dynamically constructed for two or more languages.

Aktualisierung und Pflege

Helen Heinel-Szesch I can undertake the maintenance of websites and provide reliable, prompt and uncomplicated updating.
If you prefer to undertake your website maintenance yourself a content management system can be provided.


Helen Heinel-Szesch An individual Content Management System (CMS) is a database-supported system,which enables you to easily update the content of your pages without any specialised knowledge or training.

Grafik und Fotografie

Helen Heinel-Szesch Dependant on your location, relevant photographs to enhance your website can be personally taken. Photo composing and retouching are also easily undertaken.

Ranking und Suchmaschinen

Helen Heinel-Szesch What is an attractive site if it can't be found? Using carefully selected keywords and tags (Metadata) and well-worded text Mediaddition ensures an optimal search engine ranking for your website.